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New Uses – Artwork

In the last of our latest commercials, we are looking at artwork and the great pieces you can find at New Uses. New artwork is one of the easiest ways to redecorate your home and change the look in a room. You can add color and style to your walls easily and change the entire …

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New Uses – Furniture & Lamps

Here’s another great commercial for New Uses! In this one, you can see that we offer even more great items for your home – furniture and lamps. We have a large variety of both, and remember, with an inventory that is always changing, you never know what great treasure you may find. Maybe a great …

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New Uses – Home Decor

Here’s the next in our series of new commercials for New Uses. This time the focus is on the great home decor you can get for your home. Bring in some of your “gently-used” home decor, and find some fun new pieces for your home. It’s fun to decorate with new pieces and give your …

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New Uses – Home Electronics & More

Here’s another one of our new advertisements for New Uses for you to watch. This time the focus is on home electronics…and more! Source: YouTube New Uses carries a large variety of home electronics. With everything from DVD players to digital cameras, there is plenty for you to choose from. Each store has its own unique inventory, …

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New Uses – Kitchen

Take a look at another one of our new ads for New Uses! It’s a fun advertisement showing you just how easy it is to update and redecorate your kitchen with everything from kitchen appliances to a new kitchen table – and all for a lot less money!  Source: YouTube Remember, you can buy things that …

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