5 Living Room Design Trends for 2016

New Uses living room with dark wood floor, two white couches with white pillows and green side chairs, white fireplace and mantel and large flat-screen TV on wall above fireplace, large wall of windows in the background

Use the following design trends outlined by Decoist to update your living room in 2016.

1. Define Your Own Style
This includes combining two or three (or more) styles to create a unique style that is more personalized. For example, pairing shabby chic with modern or eclectic with ethnic.

2. Sustainable Design
Falling right in line with our New Uses resale concept, this trend involves choosing environmentally friendly pieces for the living room. And adding a little do-it-yourself charm to gently used pieces.

3. Organic Décor Choices
Branching off of the Sustainable Design trend, this one includes replacing plastic with more natural materials such as wood. Also opting for more organic-shaped furniture versus items with hard lines and shapes.

4. Another Year of the Outdoors
This trend is about bringing the outdoors in by emphasizing the living room view or allowing for seamless passage between the indoors to outdoors. You can also add plants and textures that represent the outdoors.

5. Blues & Pinks
Based on Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity, this trend will appear in many aspects of design in the near future. From adding new throw pillows to repainting walls, there are countless options for adding a touch of this trend to your living room.

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