Do-It-Yourselfers Love New Uses

New Uses bright-red painted dresser with rounded sides and three large drawers, red lamp sitting on top of dresser and tan- and white-striped wallpaper in the background

As an avid do-it-yourselfer, I am addicted to shopping at resale stores, specifically New Uses. I want to fill my home with furniture and accessories that are original and reflect my personal style. It’s such a thrill to walk into a New Uses store and be inspired by what’s available—for very affordable prices.

I see potential in all of the gently used, good-quality items. Not only are the pieces great as is, but because the prices are much lower than traditional retail stores, it’s easier for me to buy something with the intention of making a few changes such as painting it a different color, replacing a lamp shade or hardware, etc.

New Uses white painted desk with decorative legs and five drawers
Can’t find a desk to go with the rest of your office? Pick one up at New Uses for a low price and repaint it in a color that complements your space. Add new decorative hardware for an additional stylish touch.

Putting a little extra work into making my furniture and decor more personalized also gives me a sense of pride. It’s fun to tell guests about all of the projects I’ve done to complete different rooms in my home. The key to finding an item you’re looking for—or perhaps a gem you didn’t know you needed until you see it—is stopping into New Uses stores often. Unique pieces come and go on a daily basis. Happy hunting, fellow DIYers!