Items We Buy & Sell

From furniture to kitchen appliances, at New Uses we have a large variety of household items at each store. When you buy and sell at New Uses, you’re not only buying and selling items that are “gently-used,” you can also find great, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home that are new to you – while you’re selling items that will be new to someone else! Whether it’s a couch or a great piece of artwork, New Uses gives you great values in great condition. And, because reusing is the best form of recycling, whether you are buying or selling, you’re being green at the same time.

Shop at New Uses and get great prices on “gently-used” items for your home…as well as the value of up to 70% off of retail prices.

Sell at New Uses and get CASH On-the-Spot for “gently-used” items.

To see the lists of what we buy and sell for different areas of your home, click on the category you’re interested in. The lists are subject to change based on demand at each New Uses location.  Some of our criteria for you to sell to us are:

  • The amount paid for each item is based on condition, brand, style, and demand.
  • No appointment is necessary.
  • Bring items to the store in a box or basket anytime up to 1 hour before closing. This will allow time to process your buy while you stay or shop in the store.
  • Items must be clean, safe, working, and in ready-to-sell condition.
  • We reserve the right to refuse items based on condition, current inventory, or past experience.