New pictures and fun artwork are a great way to add color and brightness to your walls. And of course, it isn’t limited to your walls. Fun photos and paintings can be set on tables, rested on bookshelves, and placed on nightstands. Maybe you live far from the ocean, but want a colorful painting of the Pacific to remind you of it when you can’t drive to it too quickly. Gazing at a favorite place can relax and calm your mind.

At New Uses we have a large variety of artwork, photos, and frames to decorate your home. In many styles of frames and many different types of artwork, it’s easy for you to add some color and beautiful landscapes to your home.

At New Uses, our artwork may be gently-used, but it’s high quality and like new. And it’s like new because we only buy what is in excellent condition…and it’s up to 70% off of retail! Perhaps a treasure from someone else’s home has a story that can be continued in your home…and it’s possible it won’t just be enjoyable for you to look at, but a conversation starter when you have guests too!

New Uses framed artwork hanging in a collage on a dark-grey wall, silver, gold and black frames around colorful paintings