Fall Cooking

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Many people do a great deal of cooking and canning in the fall. Maybe it’s that secret family recipe of bread and butter pickles or a hot salsa – or maybe you’re more into baking. Either way, it’s time to grab those fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the garden, cook them up, can them, or store them in the freezer. That way, those of us in the colder climates can pull them out in the middle of winter and have some crisp, fresh fruits and vegetables that are brighter and more flavorful than what you find in the grocery store in January.

Perhaps you need some new kitchen equipment this year? The list of items we sell at New Uses is pretty long, and you might just find the best like-new, gently-used kitchen tools, accessories, and small appliances you’ve been looking for. Although each store carries a unique inventory,  some examples of what New Uses might have in stock for tools and small appliances are:

New Uses graphic of a scroll of paper with text that says bakeware, blenders, cooking utensils, crockpots, good processors, juicers, microwaves, mixers, pepper grinders, pots and pans

Stop in to your local New Uses today and see what they have for your kitchen – at prices up to 70% off of retail, it just might make the fall cooking that much easier and more affordable.