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Buy & Sell Used Furniture & Decor

From furniture to tools, to electronics, to kitchen appliances, to pet supplies and beyond at New Uses we buy and sell a large variety of household items. Why shop & sell with New uses?

  1. The number one thing to know is that we pay ON-THE-SPOT! No consignment or online listings hassle, wait, risk, and payment delay.
  2. We are a local company, providing jobs and support to our local community. We buy from you, we price our items right, and we sell your items right back to your neighbors in an affordable and green way.
  3. We’re green. By nature, we recycle household goods in our local community and sell them to your neighbors at a great price. Plus, we’re bag-free! Hello, earth-friendly.
  4. Rid yourself of clutter & receive dollars in your pocket. That’s a win-win.

Just review our list of items we can purchase, and bring your items that are working and in good condition to our store off of Sawmill Rd. We will make you a zero-obligation offer and if you accept the amount you will rid yourself of the clutter and receive dollars in your pocket.  And, because reusing is the best form of recycling, whether you are buying or selling, you’re being green at the same time.

Shop at New Uses and get great prices on “gently-used” items for your home…as well as the value of up to 70% off of retail prices.

Sell at New Uses and get CASH On-the-Spot for “gently-used” items. Learn more about Selling to us here.

To see the lists of what we buy and sell for different areas of your home, click on the category you’re interested in. The lists are subject to change based on demand at each New Uses location.  Some of our criteria for you to sell to us are:

  • The amount paid for each item is based on condition, brand, style, and demand.
    • Please schedule a selling appointment online. This will allow time to process your buy while you stay or shop in the store. Bring items to the store in a box or basket.
    • Items must be clean, safe, working, and in ready-to-sell condition.
    • We reserve the right to refuse items based on condition, current inventory, or past experience.

    New Uses is the best place to get great deals on “gently-used” household goods, and to bring in your own items to sell at the same time for CASH On-the-Spot. Some of the advantages of buying and selling with New Uses are:

    For Selling:

    • Payment On-the-Spot for “gently-used” household goods.
    • A smart way to make quick cash and declutter at the same time.
    • An alternative to garage sales which yields little money for a lot of work.
    • A great way to give a good home to your household goods that you have outgrown.
    • Another great way to recycle, reuse, and repurpose – and show you care about the environment.
    • Avoid online listings hassles, strangers, awkward haggling, and wasted time.

    For Buying:

    • The place to go to BEFORE you go to a retail store – and a resale store that feels clean and bright like retail – with much better prices!
    • Guaranteed satisfaction on everything you buy.
    • Constantly changing inventory of hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind finds makes each shopping experience a unique experience.
    • A great place to visit to decorate inexpensively.
    • A valuable resource to share with family and friends.
    • A store where men and women can both shop comfortably.
    • A place where you may find upscale goods at down-to-earth prices.
    • An upscale store that guarantees the goods it sells are in good working order.