New Uses Reynoldsburg will be closing on September 26. We thank you for your business and support over the years. We look forward to serving you at our sister location, New Uses Dublin.

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New Uses Reynoldsburg has closed, but our sister store in Dublin is open and ready to welcome you!

New Uses has completely redefined home goods resale. We’re different from other resale and thrift stores because we carry a wide selection of household merchandise, and we pay our customers CASH On-the-Spot.

With an inviting atmosphere and a great assortment of merchandise at low prices, New Uses is a new and unique idea for a retail store. New Uses buys and sells “gently-used” artwork, furniture, home décor, kitchen appliances, lamps, and other needed household items.  New Uses offers consumers an alternative to traditional retail stores with “gently-used” household items at much lower prices. And, in keeping with our name, merchandise truly has a new use, respects the environment by reusing almost-new items…and you can find great pieces to add to your home that are in great condition and new to you.

At New Uses Everyone Wins:

  • The Customer Who’s Looking to Sell: The customer has a market to sell their “gently-used” household items for CASH On-the-Spot with no appointment.
  • The Customer Who’s Looking to Buy: The customer can update the décor in their home with a unique item from our ever-changing inventory – at a third of the retail price.